Hi, I'm Parminder. A software tester by trade, I spend a lot of time thinking about how technology is changing how we interact with people, culture, media and our environment. That's where Sterotopia comes in.

From ancient Greek, stereo: solid and topia: place, Stereotopia is a website with its finger on the pulse of a world enamoured with digital media. Initially intended as an outlet to test and develop my skills in HTML and CSS, the idea then grew into a creative outlet where I explore popular media, especially music. All while providing a commentary on the digital age. Dystopia or Utopia, you decide.

Always looking to expand my horizons, feel free to reach out via social media or e-mail for a chat.

Roboto, Fjalla One and Kanit are used on this website along with many original and a few non-original images. Any copyright infringement is unintended and i'm happy to attribute you as the source if you contact me.