Bring The Paint 2019 Review

Spray Paint & Ink Pens - Leicester's award winning street art festival makes a triumphant return - May 31, 2019
By stereotopia

Last week, dozens of internationally acclaimed Street Artists descended on Leicester for 2019’s Bring the Paint festival; a celebration of creativity, street culture and art. Bring the Paint 2019 included live Skateboarding and BMX, tasty street food, great music and art workshops for all ages.

Now to the art, Leicester was already a notable city for Street Art, with 2017’s festival resulting in some truly impressive pieces. Bring the Paint 2019 was something else though. Abandoned spaces became hotspots, brick and mortar walls were awash with colour and almost every corner had spray cans rattling. Leicester is now a graffiti destination. Home to all grafitti styles; legends like @flyingfortress243, @insane51, @achesdub, @hombre_suk_trs, @digitaldoes, @tasso_maclaim and @voyder arrived in Leicester and commanded attention.

There must be well over 100 artworks that were completed over the week so to include them all here would be a task in itself. But you really do have to behold the works of @smugone, @gent48, @hownosm, @n_4_t_4 and @1up_crew_official in person. They killed it this year. Now all the walls are done, the sun is shining and the Paint is dry, there’s never been a better time to come to Leicester.

The festival itself is a collaborative effort between Graffwerk, Arts Council England, BID Leicester, Leicester City Council and De Montfort University. A massive shout-out and thank you goes to all of the organisers and volunteers for delivering such a fantastic event. I’m already looking forward to the next one! If you are in the city at the time of posting, Bring the Paint merch and art supplies are still available from GraffHQ Leicester.