Hello, World!

I'm not a blogger I just type a lot - April 03, 2019
By stereotopia

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Not for any kind of recognition - I just feel like I need to express myself and occasionally I might have something interesting to say! Spoiler: this post isn’t one of those times. I do have some things planned though so please stay tuned for some analysis and commentary on things I am passionate about. This may or may not be limited to: music, movies, video games, street fashion and pseudo-philosophical ramblings.

The primary purpose of this website was just to have somewhere to post my playlists to. I spend hours every day listening to music and think I’m fairly decent at putting together a playlist to encapsulate a specific emotion, mood or situation. Secondly, I wanted to challenge myself - I’ve always wanted to have my own website but wanted to steer clear of templates and content management systems. So I challenged myself and here it is; Parminder’s website written in scratch in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Mission Accomplished!

There are a couple of things I’m not happy with (namely the blog layout) - I’m definitely working on it though! Feel free to reach out with any feedback you have. Music suggestions are definitely encouraged.