Worms are invading Leicester!

Where did 'The Worm' come from? - August 30, 2019
By stereotopia

Worms are invading Leicester. A glance at the colourful street icon that has been popping up on Leicester’s lamposts, walls and everything in between.

Over the past year, you may have noticed an abundance of worms in and around Leicester’s City Centre. This bit of street art is by self-titled “The Worm Guy” (evidenced by one of the stickers I spotted), and it is terrific. The Worm Guy’s doodle is a colourful distraction from the dullness of daily city life. The Worm is often supportive, friendly and has something to say (even if it’s just “Hi!”). The doodle is fast becoming an icon of the city, you’d be hard-pressed not to spot one. You can find the Worm peeking out of high tower block windows, sprawled out on crumbling walls and most commonly slapped against lamposts. TWG’s doodles aren’t just limited to worms, there’s also a Bee in his distinctive style - and I’m sure much more that has yet to be found.

Who is The Worm Guy? ©

While it might be tempting to write an essay all about Leicester’s Worm, I don’t think it needs that. It’s a fun character; sometimes asking for a Hug, other times just sleeping “Zzzzzzz”. A splash of colour to make you smile.

Whatever your opinions on graffiti, street art, vandalism, whatever… It is undeniable that the appearance of Leicester’s Worm has added a sense of intrigue to the city. I personally welcome this mascot into our city’s diverse DNA and hope it remains for many years to come. If you do spot the Worm, tag it with #LeicesterWorm! Why? Why not?!

Until then check out the gallery of some of the worms I’ve spotted so far here!