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Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle - April 04, 2019
By stereotopia

Man, the news of Nipsey Hussle’s death hit me pretty hard this week. I first became aware of Nipsey was when it was reported he was selling limited hard copies of his Mixtape “Crenshaw” for $100. This was in 2013 - physical sales were becoming a thing of the past, iTunes was the platform of choice for many and Spotify was starting to gain traction. Oh and that’s without mentioning paying for a mixtape was a foreign concept to the vast majority of hip-hop fans at the time. Jay-Z bought 100 of the total 1000 copies. Naturally “Crenshaw” sold out. Nipsey was a hustler by name and by nature.

I won’t pretend I was a long-time fan of his music, I rarely listened to him, and unfortunately until now never got around to listening to one of his projects from start to finish. But being a hip-hop fan, whenever his name was brought up in conversation, there was always unanimous respect and admiration for Nipsey. His accomplishments extend far beyond just music. He will be remembered as an activist, entrepreneur and leader. A pillar of his community at just 33 years of age, Nipsey was someone leading by example in a way that only he could. Ermias Asghedom was the change he wanted to see in the world. Rest in Power.